View Ridge Elementary

View Ridge

School Leader Update: Rina Geoghagan

Dear View Ridge families and staff,

I am pleased to announce Ms. Rina Geoghagan has been selected as the new View Ridge principal.

Principal Geoghagan was selected through a rigorous formal interview process involving staff and family representatives. The selection team recognized her strengths in knowing and connecting with the community to lead for academic excellence while supporting the whole-child as a learner. Principal Geoghagan is currently the principal at Decatur Elementary where she has led her staff and community to support high academic achievement. She will begin her new role as View Ridge principal on July 1, 2023.

We will be setting up an opportunity for building staff, students and families to meet Principal Geoghagan as she begins serving the View Ridge community.

I also want to thank Principal McWashington for his service as interim principal.

Please join me in welcoming Principal Geoghagan to View Ridge Elementary!


Dr. Brent Jones
Seattle Public Schools