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Join us in the Library Playcourt

Playcourt Checkout Hours 

*beginning after Spring Break*

Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:45-11:15 & 2:30-3:00


*While it will be great to see our school friends, please try to minimize visiting time to a few minutes post check out.

*Please note: Use of the playgrounds is at the sole discretion of each family; the equipment has not been sanitized. 

*Cancelled check outs will be posted on the PTA website & Facebook page.  You are welcome to join another check out day if yours is cancelled. 

View Ridge Library

Our goal is to inspire students to be enthusiastic readers and lifelong users of quality information.  This goal is achieved through frequent collaboration with teachers, staff, and parents/guardians to support curriculum and individual student needs.  We are very proud of our library, boasting over 15,000 books/publications!!  Students are scheduled to visit the library once each week with their class, however the library is open to 1st & 2nd graders every day during morning recess, and 3rd-5th graders during afternoon recess.   At this time students may use the computers, play with the Legos, read, draw, check out new books, or quietly hang out with their friends. 

Throughout the year our library hosts many special events.  Through collaboration with local bookstores we bring great authors and illustrators to come and talk about their craft and inspire our young readers in all grades.  The Pre-Loved Book Sale is our annual fund raising event our families look forward to each year.  Also, our 4th and 5th grade students compete in the Global Reading Challenge.

Library Policies and Procedures

Maximum Number of Check-Outs:

We encourage a healthy appetite for books and understand that some read more quickly than others.

  • Kindergartners may check out 1 book at beginning of year, followed by 2 based on teacher approval
  • 1st & 2nd graders may check out up to 2 books at a time
  • 3rd-5th graders may check out up to 5 books at one time

Please be reasonable about checking out. Many students come to the library multiple times per month. We ask that they check out only what they are capable of reading between library visits. In that way, our shelves will be stocked with more popular titles.

Library Due Dates and Fines:

All library books and magazines are checked out for 2 week increments. Students mayrenew books, unless the book is already on-hold for another student.

We do not charge for late books, however patrons with more than one overdue item may not check out additional items until overdue materials are returned.

Lost or Damaged Materials:

Many of us have experienced a book’s untimely demise when it meets up with a new puppy or a puddle on the way home from school. In the event that a library item has been lost or damaged beyond reasonable use, we ask that families simply replace the item. Please speak directly with Ms.Young prior to making a replacement.

View Ridge families are able to access the View Ridge library catalog from home. Follow the link below to see if we have a specific book available.  View Ridge Online Library Catalog

What our students learn about:

  • Kindergarten: Fairytales, introduction to fiction/nonfiction and chapter book
  • 1st Grade: Read around the world.
  • 2nd Grade: Biographies and Pebble GO
  • 3rd Grade: Dewey Decimal System
  • 4th Grade: Online Resources
  • 5th Grade: Towner Nominees
  • Grades K-3: Participate in Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award
  • Grades 3-5: Young Reader’s Choice & Sasquatch Award

Ways to Raise a Reader

  • Help children form a reading habit: read to your child every day.
  • Let children see you reading: newspapers, magazines, books, articles on the Internet.
  • It’s okay to focus on what’s happening in the pictures – if your child brings home long nonfiction books, try reading the captions.
  • Ask your child questions about the story – favorite parts, predictions, etc.
  • Watching a family movie? Use captions!