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View Ridge has a very unique program, which benefits the greater Seattle community in a variety of ways. We call it our Mentor Group Program where an older grade is paired with a younger grade for the school year.

They meet regularly to work on “buddy” projects, focusing on making Seattle a better place. Sometimes they will conduct food drives, tour neighborhood businesses to get a better grasp of what goes on behind the scenes, make cards for senior centers, etc. It’s whatever they come up with as a group, and the discussions can be very lively.

One of our most popular Mentor Group activities is when the entire school works together to collect new and warm socks for the clients of the downtown Urban Rest Stop, delivered in February with hand-made Valentine’s Day Cards.


View Ridge is also fortunate to have an extremely active and committed PTA. Their support is invaluable to the success and well being of our students and staff.

Please visit the View Ridge PTA website to learn more about this dedicated group of volunteers.