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Tech Skills

Using Technology at View Ridge Elementary

students on computers

View Ridge students have been busy learning and applying all sorts of technology skills this year! The tech skills checklist highlights skills that have been areas of focus for each grade level in the computer lab during the school year; hard copies of this document are also available in the computer lab. 

While the checklists are not meant to be “report cards,” they can be a fun way for students to keep track of the skills they feel good about and set goals for areas they would like to master next. Thank you for encouraging your students’ fluency in technology!

A little disclaimer – these skills were introduced and practiced on Apple computers, so some skills may take a little practice to replicate on a PC at home or at the library. “Be flexible” is a common phrase of encouragement among students in the lab.

Technology Skills Checklist

In Kindergarten I can…

  • Log in and out of the computer independently
  • Connect headphones and adjust the volume independently
  • Use the mouse to select items and “click and drag”
  • Access online learning programs (Starfall, Reading Eggs, etc.) with some assistance
  • Open programs and tools (Word, Internet/Safari) from the desktop
  • Use Word
    • Adjust the font
    • Add an image from the Internet
    • Create a title page and/or write a caption for an image
    • Publish a document with some assistance
  • Use the Internet
    • Access programs (Starfall, ABCYA, Reading Eggs, etc.)
    • Search for appropriate topics and images
  • Explore basic (non-text) coding skills (i.e., “The Foos” on with some assistance
  • Demonstrate keyboarding skills
    • Locate the keys needed to perform basic functions (letters/numbers for login, letters for name, “return/enter”)