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    Kindergarteners at View Ridge have the special opportunity of having one teacher for Music, Movement and Art.  The year they spend in Multi-Arts is the perfect platform from which the students can launch their knowledge base and confidence level into 1st grade where they will have multiple specialist teachers for each discipline of Music, Art and Physical Education.


    Our annual Arts Night event is the school's biggest art and music showcase.  Every student has artwork represented for an Art Walk and students have opportunities to create art, perform on stage, or participate in activities from the physical education arts.  It is a fabulous school community event that the students and families look forward to year after year.



    is a weekly class where students participate in yoga, dance, tag, gall games and more.

    is a twice weekly class and students work on multi-step art projects, which include mediums from oil pastel to watercolor paint, tempera paint to clay.

    MUSIC class meets weekly and students focus on singing songs, playing small percussion instruments and playing movement games to help integrate beat and rhythm into their bodies. Kindergarteners sing as a full group at our Martin Luther King, Jr. all-school assembly as well as at the end of the year "Kindergarten Musical Showcase".